Timing is Everything

I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan of irony. Usually.

Here’s a bit for you. Less than two weeks after I started a blog for moms, particularly those with injuries, disabilities, illnesses, and chronic pain, I was diagnosed with a grade two anterior talofibular ligament injury following a fall on stairs and put in a boot for 4 weeks. 

Not a huge fan of that particular piece of irony. Timing is everything.

That said, my child is super busy. He is constantly in motion. He has not, however, become independently mobile. I am so grateful for that fact. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be if he were. Timing is everything.

It really hasn’t been that bad. I’m in far less pain with the boot on than I was before, so it is helpful. It is most definitely an adventure. It does require a little more planning from me. I prep a meal while Marshall naps, then cook the meal later. I need to build in a little extra time to get anywhere because it takes longer to load Marshall up and I have to take the boot off to drive. My house is a little messier than usual, because I do a little, rest a little. I need to baby my back a tad because the boot causes my frame to be out of whack. I have to get I have to get help from my hubby to get laundry up and down the steps and plan to do laundry while Marshall is awake because, while the boot is helpful, it is loud. No boot on the basement steps during nap time. Timing is everything.

It can also be somewhat entertaining. I feel like a pirate while I walk him around. Step, thump, step, thump. Not only that, my foot is suddenly bigger and my gait is different, I am about as graceful as a newborn calf. But you know what they say, in comedy, timing is everything.

If you see me hobbling around, please at least wait to laugh until I’m out of earshot. Timing is everything.

Much love!

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  1. “Timing is Everything” is wisdom handed down through the generations of women in our family. In fact, I can’t read that without hearing it in Nana’s voice. You learned it well, my dear!

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